Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Beginning.....

Call it fate or what you will, but, I find it very ironic that one year ago today, I sat down and wrote a post for a new blog.  I got very busy with a new nutritional program and, well, life itself and never posted it.  Today, I opened my laptop and decided to begin once again, a new blog.  I signed on to blogger and there it sat, forgotten and right where I had left it, one year ago today, in draft form, the story about my beginning to a new healthier life.  So a few minutes ago, I posted it.

I am so excited to write from a very different place today.  A place that really, I wasn't convinced I would ever see again, a truly happy place.  I am 37 lbs and 57 inches less than I was on that April day one year ago.  To my surprise, There have been no struggles to get here.  No cravings, no bad days, just a wonderful and exciting adventure.

I ended my story talking about a program my daughter had shared with me.  It is called ISAGENIX and it is a Nutritional and Cellular cleanse.  Now, when I heard the word cleanse, I honestly was a little fearful that I just might not be able to do that part of the program.  I had never done any type of cleanse and certainly had never gone without food for an entire 24 hours in all of my 57 years. I was desperate and willing to give it a try.  After all, it met all of my criteria:  No Artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives and No SOY.  I really didn't care what any of it tasted like because I had made up my mind that I was ready to make some positive changes in my health.

I began by drinking two delicious shakes each day and one 500-600 calorie balanced meal and two 100 calorie healthy snacks.  I loved it from the beginning and the thing I loved most, those first three days was NO CRAVINGS!  I had never been on any type of weight loss program with no cravings.  By the forth day, I was able to notice inches lost in my midsection and I was ecstatic, this was just too good to be true.  My energy level was out the roof and I felt a euphoria or high that is indescribable.  I had been researching daily about this product I was on and each day I learned something I liked more than I had learned about it the day before.  Weight and inches were just melting away and life was getting better and better. 

On my 7th day of the program, I ran into a friend while grocery shopping.  She took one look at me and wanted to know what in the world I was doing.  I remember her saying, your face, your skin, your hair, everything looks great.  I want whatever you have.  I promised to get back with her very soon, so that afternoon, I contacted the person that I had purchased the products from and ask her how I go about getting some for my friend.  She explained exactly how to enroll someone and told me that it is a wonderful thing to make enough money to get your own products paid for.  That is the beginning of my "Network Marketing" career.  I like to refer to it as "Relationship Marketing"!  Come....follow along.

To Your Health,


My commitment to myself

Christmas was approaching and once again, I wasn't feeling very good about my body.  Our annual family trip for the holidays should have been the incentive I needed, but somehow I couldn't get by mind and my body to agree on a plan.  Okay, I'll just go on the trip, enjoy myself and deal with this in January, besides, I will be cooking for the entire clan and eating those buckeyes and Christmas cookies I prepared for the trip.  Who diets at Christmastime anyway...silly idea. 

Even all the bike riding and exercise I got shopping (after Christmas sales), didn't keep me from putting on a few more pounds.  Perfect New Year's resolution!  But then again, maybe that isn't really a good time to start either.  After all, I will be cooking a feast on New Year's Day.  Black eye peas with hog jowl, rice, fried chicken, collard greens, cornbread and dessert, of course.  Now for the record, I don't normally eat like that.  I am basically a very healthy eater but during the holidays, all that goes out the window. 

A few years ago, I started to gain weight and I am not really sure why.  Oh, I could blame it on a few things, stress, retiring from my job to take care of grand babies, menopause, lack of exercise, eating TOO much healthy food, maybe too much Greek yogurt (which I am totally addicted to).  Each year I seemed to be putting on 4-5 lbs for the last several years and I don't recall doing anything different.

I had tried half hearted on my own, then Weight Watchers a few times, then after watching a few episodes of Dr. Oz, I was convinced I had it together.   He named a few herbs for reducing belly fat (which I ran out and purchased), eating more lean protein, a handful of nuts each day, just a few tweaks here and there and you will see amazing results.  Yeah, I can do this.  After three weeks, I think I managed to put on a few more pounds and certainly didn't feel any better. 

During this time, each picture that was taken of me, I immediately deleted while scanning through. 
I hated the way I looked!  My grandsons, ages 4 and 6 began to make comments, not realizing how hurtful they were.  They ask why my arm muscles hung down below my arm and Pop Pop's were on top.  They ask why Pop Pop was stronger than me when my muscles were bigger than his.  They ask if I had a baby in my tummy.  They were actually doing me a favor, because I really began to take a look at myself and the image they had of me. 

I began to research everything I could about "healthy" diets.  If I was going to be totally committed, I had to feel good about what I was putting in my body.  I discovered many programs that I certainly could have lost weight on but each one was ruled out for various reasons.  Dangerous herbs, artificial sweeteners, too few carbs, controversial ingredients.  I wanted to be healthy, not put my life in more danger!  I discussed it with my daughter, who is probably the cleanest eater I know, and she knew someone that sells a product that is nutritionally sound.  I did a little research on my own after she gave me the name and on March 21, I made the commitment and began my journey.

To Your Health,